Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do Fat Burners Work?

One of the most potently advertised drugs in the supplement industry is fat burners. The reason they are is because they are so appealing to people. They are advertised as a miracle pill that will allow you to eat whatever you want and not gain weight. This however is simply not true.

So what do fat burners actually do? There are thousands of different fat burner out there but the majority of them are almost exactly the same and they all do basically the same thing. The two main effects that fat burners have are that they will give you energy and suppress your appetite. Most fat burners are stimulants which will give you energy. When you have more energy you are more likely to be active and therefore burning more calories throughout the day which leads to weight loss.

Most fat burners also suppress appetite, so you don’t eat as much throughout the day, which also decreases the amount of calories you take in. So you see that the combination of expelling more energy and taking in less calories would ultimately lead to weight loss.

Some fat burners also liberate lipid oxidation in the body ( promotes the body to use its fat stores for energy ). So when you are using energy more of those calories are coming from fat. But do any fat burners just expel fat from the body? Absolutely not.

So we’ve covered how fat burners affect the body. Do they work?  Yes, some fat burners actually do work but most, in my opinion, don’t. The problem with a lot of fat burners is that tolerance can be built to the stimulants and other substances they are made from. When tolerance builds up they will either stop working or you will need to up the dosage. This obviously is not safe and this is how overdosing occurs.

In my opinion fat burners can be extremely dangerous if they are used incorrectly. But in all honestly, some do work and can be safe. Staying current with supplements in the bodybuilding industry I can say there are in fact a few fat burners that do work very well, however they need to be combined with an impeccable diet and exercise routine to take a full effect. Even so, any fat burner is dangerous if dosed improperly or taken for an extended period of time.

One thing that I want to point out is that a main ingredient in most fat burners is caffeine, so if you want similar effect from the stimulant aspect of a fat burner, drink a few cups of coffee.

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