Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to get rid of loose skin in the belly and arms, and lose man boobs

Out of all the questions I get asked on a weekly basis I without a doubt get asked about loose skin, body fat, and man boobs more than anything else.  Most of the time people want to know what the best way is to lose stomach fat or man boobs.  

Unfortunately it is a complete myth that someone can “target” these trouble areas and see extra fat loss in those areas.  In complete honesty the best way (and in most circumstances the only way) to burn belly/chest fat is to burn body fat overall.  As everyone knows, if you want to burn body fat you must be in a caloric deficit.  In order to increase your caloric deficit the best thing you can do is exercise as opposed to continually eating less and less.  

Exercising will keep your metabolism higher whereas eating less will decrease your metabolism.  And let’s be honest, what would you rather do, eat 2000 calories a day and exercise for an hour, or eat 1500 calories a day and not exercise? Food is great!  The best way to burn extra calories in my opinion is through cardio where you get your heart rate elevated and by vigorous weight lifting

So if you want to burn belly fat or chest fat you have to burn body fat all over your body. To do this you must be in a caloric deficit with both decreasing calorie intake and exercising.

On the topic of weight lifting; this is a great way to tighten up loose skin.  By adding muscle to the trouble area and the opposing area (the opposing area of the chest would be the upper back) you will force the skin to stretch. Also, for all the women out there worried about getting “bulky” I promise this won't happen (more on this in a later post).

Tony isn't a licensed nutritionist yet, so he can't give anyone advice on what  to do.  Please consult your doctor for his professional opinion on a diet/nutrition program that will work for you.

Tony's blog is a journal of his experiences and what has worked for him.   He lists general guidelines and suggestions only.  He is NOT a professional.