Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 37 Progress

How is everyone doing this week?  I'm back in school so my eating schedule has had to be changed a bit.  I just take a small cooler with me and load it up with bottles of water, fresh fruit and sandwiches or chicken.  It's fast and easy.  Lately my mom and I have been on a watermelon kick and we've been eating a lot of it.  How about you?  What fresh fruits are you enjoying right now?

As you know, my mom's been working hard on bringing down her cholesterol levels.  One of her weaknesses is using margarine and butter.   I had her switch over to a healthier choice - Smart Balance buttery spread.  It has no trans fats, so it's a good alternative for her.  Extra added bonus??  She doesn't really notice any difference in the taste or texture, so it was an easy, yet healthy switch for her.  I also had her switch to all natural peanut butter, and again, not a big difference taste wise, so she's happy.

Be sure to check in later this week.  I have a guest blogger stopping by with some great tips on starting a running program.