Monday, January 20, 2014

Working Out on the Treadmill

Does anyone out there like to use the treadmill?  A lot of people don't but I use ours almost everyday and so does my mom.  She like to run one day and then walk the next.  She's been doing the treadmill consistently since July when she started her Couch to 5K program.  Once she completed the program, she scaled it back and now she usually runs 1.5 miles on her running days and walks 1 mile on her walking days.  And guess what?  She lost 10 pounds in 5 months just by using the treadmill and making some minor changes in her diet.

Now you have to understand, 10 pounds is quite a bit of weight for mom to lose since she was pretty thin to begin with.  She started out at 113 pounds and began her running program because her cholesterol was high.  She needed to make some dietary changes and add more exercise to her daily routine.

So what did she cut out?  Fried food was probably the biggest thing.  She rarely eats fried food anymore.  One of her biggest weaknesses is cheese.  She loves cheese.  She hasn't eaten cream cheese in 5 months and limits processed shredded cheese to when she has a taco or chili.  She switched from ground beef to ground turkey.  She said she barely notices a difference between the two and she's even got my dad eating it.    She makes hamburgers, spaghetti, meatloaf, chili and taco's all with the ground turkey.  She also limits her soda intake to 1/2 can of pop per day.  The rest of the time she drinks a lot of iced or hot tea and plenty of water.  That's it.  Oh, and a yogurt smoothie in the evening.

More than cutting things out of her diet, she is really just making better food choices all the way around.  She eats oatmeal or farina with a piece of toast every morning.  She rarely eats sugary cereals anymore.  All bread is whole grain instead of white.  She favors Clif bars for a mid morning snack and each evening treats herself to a small piece of fudge or a half of a candy bar.  She said one item was nonnegotiable and that was chocolate!  But by limiting it to one small piece per day she satisfies her craving and yet doesn't over-indulge.

Another trick she uses is to always leave a little something on her plate.  She never eats everything and she never goes back for seconds.  It's all a matter of discipline.

How is your discipline coming along?


  1. As we know, and as I've said before, your mom is a rock star. Sigh. The only place I've used a treadmill is at stress tests, so maybe it is no surprise that I hate them. I don't own one and can't imagine investing in one -- I have tons of things I'd love to buy that would be higher on the priority list -- and I don't belong to a gym. All of which might be the tip of the iceburg of reasons that I could stand to lose more than 10 pounds. I walk a couple of times a week at an indoor track, but rarely have time to go more than a mile. As for diet, I've already cut sweetened cereals, pop, most processed foods out of my diet. I think of myself as an all-purpose over eater, I will over eat cauliflower just as readily as cookies, so I try to fill up on the veggies and eat veg and fruit every day. But I'm a stress eater too. And it doesn't help that I love to cook and bake, and live alone so way too often I have leftovers, although I'm good about shipping out whatever I can. My favorite way to enjoy sweets is to bake them myself and then take (and leave) them at a friend's house so that I am limited to one serving. My weight is pretty steady and my health is generally good, but I would gladly lose10 or even 20 pounds, and of course I'd like to improve my flexibility/stamina all those things that go to heck when you're over 60, so I'm open for advice! :)

    1. You have a good handle on what moderation means and I think you are taking a good approach.

      As always I recommend your doctors approval before beginning an exercise program. That said, yoga is good for flexibility. Television and you tube both offer a good variety of floor exercise and light weight work outs that can be done indoors during the cold weather. Once it warms up, my favorite form of exercise is still fast paced walking for as far as I can manage, adding a little more time each day.

      Remember, to lose weight you still have to take in less calories each day than what you put out.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I always enjoy that.

  2. You have a cool blog here man, and your vids are nothing really short of incredible so thanks for posting what you do , im not that overweight but I need to drop 30 pounds, I used to workout and then I got lazy lol and well, gained weight, no I gained fat haha. If you could elaborate on what your daily meals are, the portions, stuff like that, Id appreciate it . Thanks for all that you do though Tony =)

    1. You're welcome and thanks for coming by. The quick links at the top of the page should have a link to my typical meals.


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