Monday, February 17, 2014

Healthy Eating

I often get asked about healthy eating.  Many people don't know how to eat healthy.  Some people mistakenly think that they have to limit their food intake to only fruits or vegetables in order to lost weight.  Unfortunately, this is often a diet downfall.  If you're looking to change your eating style, for health or diet reasons, the best thing you can do is educate yourself on how and what to eat.

But have no fear...... if you want to make diet changes I'm going to give you a link to help you get started.  One of my favorite websites is Livestrong.  

Livestrong has a great article called "The Four Rules of Healthy Cooking."  It's a short, one page article that explains

  •  how to buy foods for quick meals
  •  what to stock up on for quick snacks
  •  what foods to buy for easy add-ins
  •  how to watch for hidden calories
Learning how to prepare healthy meals is a lot easier than you think.  Go over and read the Livestrong article and start eating, and cooking, healthy today.


  1. Hi there. I think that this is very inspiring and needs more exposure. =) I could see you being on the Oprah show or what not. =) to come so far in such little time. You've inspired me. Since I started taking medicine for my ocd, it has caused me to gain weight. I'll try this now. Please let me know of what you do and you should write a book and sell it. People will want to know the secret to your success!

    1. Thanks so much. At some point I plan on writing on book but I want to finish college first. Thanks for coming by. Good luck!

  2. thats amazing how you did it im 18 214lbs im 5'9tall i fluctuate from 207-220 i get lost in how much i need to take in i know i shouldnt eat after 6pm i know i have to drink water more then 8 bottles of water im in martial arts for monday wednesday and friday monday 2 hours tuesday 1 and friday. when i work out i work to the max i sweat alot i can do over 25 pushups last year i couldnt do 1 i can do 1 pull up i bench jus started -2-3 weeks ago i do 60 reps of 50 lbs itry i 80 n i do 30 im a fast runner stamina wise i can pass4 house not alot but i live in farms but im not loseing enuff in 1 week lost 13lbs but keeps fluctuateing i dont breakfast usualy coffe but umm should i drink a nutrient drink in the morning and eat a salad for lunch and dinner lean meat?? grrrr constant battle between me n my body i feel depress n i just get less motivated n stuff but idk how meny calories i should eat so i take half of my meal and split it. but yeah help!!!

    1. wrote that fast so sorry if i didnt spell or forgot a word.

    2. I'm not a licensed nutritionist yet, so I can't give anyone advice on what to do. Please consult your doctor for his professional opinion on a diet/nutrition program that will work for you.

      My blog is a journal of my experiences and what has worked for me. I list general guidelines and suggestions only. I am NOT a professional. Feel free to look through my blog for ideas that may help you. Personally, I eat 3 meals a day plus healthy snacks. I don't starve myself or skip meals. Good luck.


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