Monday, March 3, 2014

Walking is Good for You

A lot of people are apprehensive about exercising or starting a work out program.  What to do, how many reps, how much weight, whats the best exercise to do?  But starting out doesn't have to be hard at all.  I started by simply walking and it was a great decision for me.  I still walk on my treadmill almost every day.  I like to walk at an incline and at a quick pace.  But you can start out slower at first and work up to a good power walk.

Think about it -

  • Walking is relatively easy to do
  • You can do it almost anyplace
  • You can do it alone or with a buddy
  • It doesn't require a gym membership or any special equipment
Walking is very low impact, so it's a great beginner program and as you gain strength and endurance, you can add more distance or progress to running.  Another plus is that it gets you outside and breathing some fresh air.

If you'd like to read a little more about the benefits of power walking, then go to and read this short article.

Spring is almost here.  Get yourself a good pair of walking shoes and start a walking program.

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See you next week!


  1. Hey Tony, YOU ARE RIGHT ON THE MONEY with this post brother! Great work, can I post it at CacheCrazy.Com and write a brief accompaniment tying it into outdoor activities please? Keep up the great work with your excellent practical posts. BH

  2. Yes Kevin, walking is the easiest way to maintain our body without using heavy weight exercises and the another thing is that we not need to make schedule for walking we can do it whenever we get time.


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