Monday, April 28, 2014

Video Ideas - I Need Your Help

Hi everyone - the end of this school semester is on the horizon and I am studying for hours on end for my finals.  I'm looking forward to my first real school break in 3 years.  This is the first time I'm not doing an interim class and I'm looking forward to a little time off to rest my brain.

In the meantime, I want to concentrate on my blog posts and in particular, I want to produce some more videos to help people understand more about nutrition, diet and exercise.  If you haven't already viewed my video's that I've made, please take some time and check them out.  You can access all of them through the link at the top of the page, under the TAB marked My Video's.

What I'd really like is some input and ideas on what you, my readers, would like me to talk about.  Is there something in particular about nutrition that you don't understand?  Do you want to know more about weight training or cardio exercise?  Would you like to see video's that show you how to prepare nutritious yet healthy meals?  Or video's on how to start a work out program?

I would sure appreciate hearing from you so I know what to focus on for my summer blog posts and video's.  Please leave your comments and ideas in the comment section below.  Thanks so much!