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I often get asked some of the same questions quite frequently, so I thought it might be easier to provide a Quick Links Page, so people can quickly find some of my most popular posts.

Remember people, I am NOT a licensed nutritionist. I cannot advise anyone on what to do. I am only sharing what has worked for me and I'm hoping everyone will share what they are learning with others. Everything I talk about is my opinion. I cannot guarantee that anyone will lose weight doing what I did. Remember to visit your doctor for a professional opinion on what will work for YOU. Don't do anything that will be harmful or unhealthy. Best of luck!

  • Hit this link to see what makes up my typical daily meals.

  • Gynecomastia (man boobs) is a common problem.  Hit my links here and here for more information.

  • Loose skin a problem?  Then check out this link.

  • Want to see what my personal workout consists of?  Then go here.

Have questions?  Feel free to email me through the link on the main page.  All questions get answered through the blog and it usually takes a week or 2 before an answer will work it's way up through the queue.  I try to answer my email, please just give me some time - I'm still in school, and my studies come first!

Remember, before beginning any diet or exercise program, please visit your doctor for an evaluation and his advice on a safe and well-balanced program that will work for you.

Thanks for coming by.  Your kind words and encouragement are what helps to keep me going!  Please come back and let me know how you're doing.


  1. Hey tony, I just found your blog and i think your a great guy and i need some help. im 140 somthing pounds but my health is suffering badly, ive never been able to stick to a diet and my cardio sucks. i really want to get into shape and healthy. can you help?

  2. Hi Thomas:

    GO to the top of the page and click on the TAB that says "2013 Diet Progress." Feel free to sign up for the diet program for 2013. That TAB is going to be the place for people who want to get fit for 2013 to sign up and share diet and exercise tips.

    First, make an appointment with your doctor and get his advice on a diet and exercise program tailored to you. In the meantime, try cutting out junk food and soda. Start eating more fruits, veggies and protein. Drink more water. Start exercising by going for walks or bike rides if you can.

    Come back and tell us how you're doing. Coming back and checking in weekly will help to keep you accountable to yourself and maybe help to keep you on track. Good luck!

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  3. OK so basicly im here because i want to be healthy my mom nags me too but just like gave up on me because i can't get motivated enough... sometimes im look at myself and im like i need to change then im good for a week or two and give up.. i need a push but don't know what it will be. I hate alot of veggies so its not easy to eat them without gagging but i guess it's all in my mind. and i cheerlead and sometimes when i get home i just wanna get on my computer and eat.. i want to lose about 80 or more pounds but i don't know how i just need help at this point or im never gonna get to my goal :/

    1. Hi Jade:

      You need to lose weight for YOU and have to find your own motivation. Plus, cut out junk food and soda. Try telling yourself that for every 1/2 hour you will be on the computer, you have to do 5 minutes of exercise. :-)

      try reading these posts on motivation:



      Good luck.

  4. I think it's great that you're helping people become more healthy and active, you're a great role model for millions of people, old and young. That point where you decided to make a change is something most people think, but don't follow through on. And the decision you made and continue to make will change the lives of thousands of people for the better. One person can change the world! Great job man! All the best!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by!

  5. Hey Tony Man you really amazing example for very body. i am really happy to ready your article .. thank you!! have good day!!

  6. Great stuff Tony. You are truly exceptional.

    A friend of mine, recommended this checklist: http://www.24hourfitnessblog.com/24-hour-fitness-checklist-follow-round-clock/

    what do you think about it?


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