Monday, February 24, 2014

Product Review - East Canvas Prints

Product Review - Easy Canvas Prints

I recently had an 8 x 10 canvas print made and I am thrilled with it.  Of course, my fiancee' is gorgeous and takes a beautiful picture, but that's besides the point.

How would you like to turn one of your own photos into a canvas print?  I have the solution for you -  Easy Canvas Prints.  Getting your own photos made into a canvas print is super easy too.  Their canvas print designer is simple to use.  They accept a wide variety of file formats so just upload your photo, choose canvas thickness, size and border.   You can pick different color, black and white or sepia finishes.  Easy Canvas offers a wide variety of size options from 8 x 10 up to 24 x 36 and they are all affordable.  The website was clear and easy to follow and full of helpful tips and lots of information.  They also have a good variety of retouching options, so if you have a photo you like that needs a little extra help, you can touch it up!  I would suggest using a high photo resolution when you upload your photo file to their site so you get a crisp and clear canvas.  The canvas is then stretched in-house by their canvas professionals.  If you'd like to have them frame your print, they also offer a wide variety of color and style options.  

All canvases come with a Beehive or Sawtooth hanger so you can easily display them on your wall immediately upon receiving your work of art.  Easy Canvas Prints are durable and should last for decades if properly cared for.  They are easy to care for too because all you have to do is dust them with a soft cloth once in awhile

The production time to have your canvas made is generally 10-12 days.  Easy Canvas kept in touch with me by email, sending an order confirmation and then by emailing me again when my canvas shipped just 8 days later.  They even included a postal tracking number so I could track it along the way. I couldn't wait for my print to arrive because it was a special gift for my girl friend.  And she LOVED it!

Easy Canvas Prints is a fantastc way to display your special pictures.  They are perfect for treasured memories like weddings (like my own upcoming one), anniversaries, vacations, children and even pets.  

Visit their website and create your special canvas now.

You can see their Facebook page here.

I was provided an Easy Canvas Print of my choice for review purposes and asked to give an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Healthy Eating

I often get asked about healthy eating.  Many people don't know how to eat healthy.  Some people mistakenly think that they have to limit their food intake to only fruits or vegetables in order to lost weight.  Unfortunately, this is often a diet downfall.  If you're looking to change your eating style, for health or diet reasons, the best thing you can do is educate yourself on how and what to eat.

But have no fear...... if you want to make diet changes I'm going to give you a link to help you get started.  One of my favorite websites is Livestrong.  

Livestrong has a great article called "The Four Rules of Healthy Cooking."  It's a short, one page article that explains

  •  how to buy foods for quick meals
  •  what to stock up on for quick snacks
  •  what foods to buy for easy add-ins
  •  how to watch for hidden calories
Learning how to prepare healthy meals is a lot easier than you think.  Go over and read the Livestrong article and start eating, and cooking, healthy today.

Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Read a Food Label

Do you know how to read food labels?  Do you take the time to read a food label?  Just because a package says "Natural" or "Good for you" or "Healthy" doesn't always mean that it is.  So educate yourself on what exactly is in that package of food you're eating.

For a good example of label information, check out this link.  You will learn about...

  • serving size - most important
  • fats
  • sodium
  • fiber
  • cholesterol
  • calories
  • sugar
I was asked by several people this week about what to eat to lose weight.  Remember, first of all, you must use up more calories than what you take in.  Concentrate on fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Check out my video about Foods to eat to lose weight, which you will find under the VIDEO TAB at the top of the page.

You can also look here to read my past post about the things that I typically eat.